Native Blooms Median

Medians around town are planted and maintained by Native Blooms,
an LCF supported project.

School Support

Grants provide academic support, childcare and intervention to neediest students and families; childcare for essential workers; and additional counselling support to assist students to better navigate the pandemic’s impact on their mental health.

Butterfly Bob

A resident of Larkspur King Street Senior House, Bob planted milkweed and nurtured caterpillars to release endangered Monarch butterflies.

PPE for Marin Community Clinics

A grant to the Larkspur and Greenbrae Community Clinics helped meet the clinics’ increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteers and Local “Heroes” are Recognized

Covid restrictions forced the cancellation of our annual “Heart of Larkspur” event honoring community volunteers, co-hosted with the City of Larkspur. Instead, community volunteers, local firemen, policemen and folks at the Larkspur Post Office were thanked with $5 gift certificates for a coffee or a scone.

Supporting Our Firefighters

LCF granted funds to purchase thermal imaging cameras to help our firefighters identify and rescue victims in a fire.   Left to Right: Firefighter Justin Arellano, Captain Adam Fisher, Firefighter Mike Zita, Firefighter Trevor Sanchez

LCF is 10 years young!

LCF Board members share our history at the Bon Air celebration

Helping preserve the small-town character of Larkspur and enhance the overall quality of life in the community

Launched in 2013 to support small projects and activities that will add to the quality of life of our greater community, the Larkspur Community Foundation (LCF) exists to help fulfill our community’s wish list. We raise money from local donors for projects and activities that would otherwise go unfunded, provide a tax deductible alternative for supporting worthy projects and programs the community desires, and build community by connecting volunteers with opportunities to help meet community needs.  As a grant making organization, the Foundation invites donors to support community efforts and works in collaboration with civic organizations, nonprofits, local government and schools in Larkspur and neighboring areas.


Local leaders who want to preserve Larkspur’s historic small town character and enhance the community’s quality of life.


Over 40 grants ranging in size from $250 to $10,000 for a variety of community needs and a wide range of recipients.

Our First Decade!

We are ;ooking forward to our next decade helping you maintain and enhance the small-town charm we all love about Larkspur!