Volleyball Sand Court Restoration

Who knew? a beach in Larkspur!  The sand volleyball courts at Piper Park have a dedicated following…..yet these players were noticing that their court just wasn’t quite up to standards. One of the players approached the Public Works Director and learned that replacing the sand wasn’t in the budget, but the city suggested they contact LCF.
To enable the courts to get a renovation with the right kind of sand, the players volunteered to raise funds with our help.  Our solution was to act as fiscal agent for the players: they will drum up support from the beach volleyball community who can make contributions to LCF designated for the sand restoration.  With our 501(C) (3) status, their designated contributions entitle the donors to a legitimate tax deduction and allow matching grants from employers.  We collect the funds and the city works with the players/ volunteers to complete the restoration.

For the LCF this project is completely compatible with our goals for the community; helping to fulfill our community’s wish list by supporting small projects and activities that will add to the quality of life of our greater community.