Heatherwood Park Restoration

When the park  in the Heather Gardens neighborhood was slated for restoration utilizing State Parks grants, community parents realized that the funds would fall short of providing all the features they wanted for the park.  They approached the City’s Public Works director about this and the connection was made with us. Our solution was to act as fiscal agent for the neighborhood organizers: they would drum up support from the community who could make contributions to LCF designated for the park restoration.  With our 501(C) (3) status, their designated contributions entitled the donors to a legitimate tax deduction and allowed matching grants from employers. We collected the funds  and then added them to the funds from the grant and city budget to cover the park enhancements. The city and grant funds went further when bolstered by these contributions.  A win win for the kids and their parents, and likewise, for Larkspur.    And for the LCF, this project is completely compatible with our goals for the community.

You can see photos from the rededication and the  neighborhood workday on this site.