A Larkspur Story: Tree Planting at Piper Park

A lovely Larkspur event took place on the morning of May 25, 2017 at Piper Park.  Trees were planted to help reduce global warming.

The story begins in the Baltimore Park area with Lynn Eubanks and her neighbors who raised money to save a local redwood grove.  The money was not needed for an anticipated lawsuit, so the neighbors gave the money to the Larkspur Community Foundation (LCF) to hold for trees in Piper Park.  Rita Schoch of Larkspur DPW contacted LCF as did Rebecca Newburn, a sixth grade Hall teacher whose students wanted to have a tree planting project to help with carbon sequestering and they needed trees.   A couple dozen students with their Science teacher and adults from the funding neighborhood,  the LCF, the DPW and  the City staff came together to plant  trees.

We celebrate the Larkspur Community Foundation’s role in bringing all of these joint interests together and applaud Larkspur’s dedicated staff   –  Rita Schoch, Gerardo Alvarez, Tony Meija, Greg Flynn, Dick Whitley, Nick Stone and Julian Skinner – for a job well done!

a link to the IJ article