Projects and Services

The Foundation makes small grants to support local projects, manages small funds established to meet community needs, serves as a fiscal agent for non-profit and community groups raising funds for local efforts, and supports and endeavors to help build a stronger community by strengthening volunteer groups and engaging more citizens in community activities and projects.

Project Support

We are working with the Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board to sell their celebrated history book, “Larkspur Past & Present”. In this book you can revisit Larkspur’s colorful past and follow its history up to the present. Walk back in time through your neighborhood and past historic downtown buildings. You can purchase a copy online using PayPal by clicking the button on the right side  of this page. Select the format you prefer (hard cover or soft) and your delivery method (pick up or delivery). Tax is included in the price. If you choose to pick up your copy it will be available at the Larkspur Library on the first floor of the City Hall building at 400 Magnolia Ave.  Please be sure to bring your printed receipt in order to receive your book.

In the near future, The LCF will be working with the Larkspur Historic Preservation Board to produce and publish a new book: Larkspur Photo History – Then & Now 

Fiscal Agent

Another way LCF can assist small organizations whose projects are consistent with our mission is to act as their fiscal agent. In this relationship, an agreement between an unincorporated group or project and LCF, as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, provides the former with the benefits of fundraising using our tax exempt status. LCF’s primary goal is to provide the support necessary so that organizations can focus their attention on their mission. The first project supported by LCF acting as fiscal agent was “Helping Heatherwood,” in which local residents are working with the City of Larkspur to improve a neighborhood park.  We are now also supporting local efforts to restore the sand volleyball courts in Piper Park. Donate for either cause or to the general funds for projects with the Paypal buttons on the right.

Fund Management

LCF can manage existing charitable funds created for specific purposes.

The Foundation’s first fund was “Trees for Piper Park.”  Begun years ago by local residents for buying and planting new trees in our community, the fund was given to the Larkspur Community Foundation to manage and to accept future donations for planting  new trees in Piper Park.

Volunteer Support

Committed to supporting volunteer efforts in our community, the Foundation is working with the City of Larkspur to plan the second annual celebration to recognize volunteers.  The Heart of Larkspur event will be held in February 2017. Watch for details here.