About Us

History and Purpose

The Larkspur Community Foundation was created in 2013 by local residents to support projects and activities  that  sustain  Larkspur’s  historic  small  town character and  enhance  the  community’s  quality of life now and in the future. The  foundation  seeks to  engage the  greater Larkspur community  in  philanthropic and  volunteer opportunities,  thus  expanding  charitable  giving and volunteer activity.

The Larkspur Community Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) California public benefit nonprofit corporation.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.

What We Do

  • The Foundation  supports  small projects and  cooperates with  other non-profits, schools, and civic organizations in addressing unmet community needs.  Our hope is to encourage residents to identify and tackle projects and opportunities that might not otherwise be addressed.
  • The Foundation acts as a fiscal agent for small non-profits and  community groups  seeking to  raise funds for projects  and events  that otherwise  would not qualify  for  tax-exempt status.   By  allowing donations using our  tax-exempt status,  LCF enables such groups to tap a larger universe of donors and enhances their prospects for success.
  • The Foundation acts as a convener and partner for multiple neighborhoods, organizations, and agencies, fostering collaboration that benefits all.

Our Vision

The Foundation helps the greater Larkspur community to build a tradition of local philanthropy. By helping local donors to raise money for local needs, we hope to enrich our community now and in the future.

The Foundation will provide financial stability for meeting future needs. By building an endowment to address changing demands, we hope to enable Larkspur and its greater community to successfully achieve future goals.

The Foundation helps build a stronger community by strengthening volunteer groups, engaging more citizens in community activities and projects, and encouraging leadership development.